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Important news from the DOT factory

"Dot Motorcycles Premises Announcement 1st November 2016"

As a result of contractual agreement it has not been possible previously to confirm details of the arrangements for the sale of the factory and it has been of concern that there have been various and conflicting stories as to the position.

The intending purchaser of the Dot factory premises have now indicated that they wish to exercise the contract to complete the purchase and take possession of the property in late January 2017. The current owner of Dot, Roy Dickman, has confirmed with regard to the Dot Motorcycle business that the intention is for Dot to relocate to smaller premises elsewhere which are better suited to the current operation of the company and that they will continue for the foreseeable future to offer support and spares for the owners of Dot motorcycles throughout the world.

It is now believed that the DOT factory, after over 100 years on the same street, has now closed its doors one last time.  More information re spares when we know the details
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