DOT PEUGEOT 1908~2008

The trophy won by Harry Reed in the 1908 TT

Bare frame needed for Peugeot Project, help required to turn picture into reality

Newly cast and machined engine cases

CAD Peugeot 1908 frame

New Con rods

Completed crankcase



A Dot Peugeot wins the second Twin  TT race, one year after Harry Read establishes the name DOT motorcycles.  He wins with time to spare and a little fuel left in his tank.

At the Stafford Classic Bike show in April this year, the Dot Motorcycle Club had parts of the restoration on show.

We now have wheels and hubs, a petrol tank and a near complete engine

Can you help with information or skills to manufacture parts needed.  See below for help still required.

1    Braking system

5    Oil pump

6    Petrol caps

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